Bold Dimensions

Name of Service Price
Colour & Blowout$88-132
Colour Retouch & Blowout$73-117
½ Head Foils & Blowout $94-147
Full Head Foils & Blowout$155-206
Retouch Enlightener & Blowout$113-180
Full Head Enlightener & Blowout$133-184
Balayage/Ombre & Blowout$155-206
Colour Special Techniqueby consultation
Camouflage Colour $70-115
Add Medium-Long Haircut $42-72
Add Short Haircut$32-62
Discover the world of Aveda hair colour. Up to 99% naturally derived formulas and utilizing a protective plant oil blend featuring sunflower, castor and jojoba oils to help protect the hair during processing and deliver incredible shine and condition.