brilliant texture

The Texturizer

Make styling simple. Create controlled movement or radical texture.
Texture (basic perm)                             $85-115                             2hrs

Texture (design perm)                             $125-155                         2hrs
*Additional charges may apply for long hair.

The Thermal Reconditioner

This thermal reconditioning treatment restructures the hair from curly to permanently refined or straight with optimum softness. The process actually flattens the hair’s cuticle layer to produce straight hair with ultra-gloss, shine, silky feel and movement.

All Thermal Reconditioning Services $100-130 per hr

*All thermal reconditioning services require a consultation to determine length of time required.

additional dynamics

The Extension

Longing for long hair? Recreate texture and length – enhance colour, dimension and body. These radical hair extensions will redefine who you are:
Braid and Hair Extensions*                             $100-130/hr
Dread Locks and Cornrow Braids*                $100-130/hr
Removal                                                           $100-130/hr
*All extension services require a consultation. Guests are responsible to purchase natural or synthetic hair wefts/braids depending on desired effect. The hair stylist will recommend where to purchase the hair.

brilliant texture &
additional dynamics