Atlantic Canada’s Aveda Lifestyle Salon & Spa

Providing consistent and exemplary customer service – a holistic spa experience to enhance your well-being and personal image in Halifax, Dartmouth and Bedford.

Peter Lawson, owner and creative director of Life SalonSpa is no stranger to the industry. Growing up in a family-owned salon, he quickly realized the hidden power and depth of the beauty industry, which inspired him to create balance in his personal life. Working hard at living his dreams, Peter trained to become a world-class athlete, and holds the Canadian record for indoor and outdoor 400m (M40) sprint. “I was inspired by my mother’s entrepreneurial spirit and realized the potential for growth,” he says.

Grueling training schedules at international locales, along with trying to maintain a vigorous working schedule and personal life, made him realize the importance of balance and well-being. Peter decided to look beneath the surface of the industry and decided that connecting personal health and wellness with the world of beauty truly inspired him. Striving for beauty, excellence and well-being, Peter created the concept for Life SalonSpa.

The initially accepted business model in 1998 was modeled after a hierarchy with the CEO at the top and employees at the bottom. From this, Peter determined that a circle better represented the balance of a healthy corporate structure. With this in mind, he came up with the concept for Life’s logo, brand, and the philosophy behind Life SalonSpa’s award-winning business practices.

Peter’s passion for Life inspired him to be a part of something bigger. Aveda was the perfect match. “My journey and relationship with Aveda began at the Aveda congress festival in 1996,” he says. “The incredible focus and integrity of Aveda and its founder Horst Rechelbacher compelled me to join the network, and I opened my first concept salon soon after. Aveda’s world-renowned educational facilities have given me the tools to become a leader in colour education. Opening the two Aveda Lifestyle locations allowed me to connect the Life SalonSpa experience with the people of HRM.”

Peter strived to create a business atmosphere composed of like-minded individuals who embodied the spirit and mission statement of Life, which is to provide refuge from the chaos of the world. With passion and excellence they will take you on a journey to connect with wellness and define your individuality. At Life SalonSpa, be in harmony and experience your dream.

Why Aveda?

The name Aveda is derived from the East Indian Sanskrit and translates to ‘science of life.’ Aveda is known for using the art and science of pure flower and plant essences. Aveda was founded in 1978 by Horst Rechelbacher, hair stylist, environmentalist and entrepreneur. The goal was to provide spa therapists and salon professionals with products that enhanced the lives and well being of their customers.
Aveda began with the vision of creating high quality and highly-effective products that were good for both guests and the Earth. Aveda’s main mission is to be an environmental leader, and it was this ideology that attracted like-minded professionals and guests who truly wanted to make a difference. In 2009, Aveda became the first beauty company in the world to achieve a Cradle-to-Cradle SM (C2C) Sustainability endorsement for intelligent design, sustainable stewardship, and reuse of materials. Aveda is 96%* naturally derived and partners with indigenous communities and local farms around the world to sustainably source high quality ingredients, supporting and preserving indigenous cultures.
Over the years, Aveda has reached several notable milestones. They provided the first 100 percent post-consumer PET packaging and are the first company to manufacture using 100% wind energy. They use a one-of-a-kind soil-to-bottle SM tracing system, ensuring ingredient integrity and fairness to farmers. To date, Aveda has raised over $14 million for Earth Month causes such as clean water and global warming.

The Spa Experience

Ayurveda, a 5,000 year-old Indian healing tradition, tells us that the spirit of natural elements (Infinity, Air, Fire, Water and Earth) are within us. In balance, skin and hair reflect health and vitality. When the element that you individually have affinity for is brought out of balance by diet, stress, or the environment, skin, hair and overall well being can become unhealthy. This is the reason we use elemental nature questionnaires for our spa services, to help determine which products and aromas are best suited for each guest.

All treatments at Life SalonSpa include at least one their signature rituals of renewal. These rituals include: an aroma sensory journey, chakra sensory journey, makeup ritual, stress-relieving hand ritual, stress-relieving neck and shoulder ritual, tea ritual and a shine-enhancing treatment with warm aroma steam towel.

Why Life?

At Life SalonSpa, we offer above and beyond personalized services based on each guest's lifestyle. We have a passion for education — our service providers are internationally trained, providing modern looks and exemplary customer service.

The high touch holistic approach of our therapists connect beauty, fashion and well-being. Incorporating our culture of combining beauty with environmental awareness, we have successfully raised over $14,000 dollars for Earth Month in support of clean drinking water worldwide.

We fulfill our mission by providing high performance products that are good for our professionals, our guests and our earth.