Our Services

In the Aveda retail store, guests can tailor their retail experience by taking a sensory journey, a signature Aveda experience designed to intensify one's aroma preferences for cultivating balance, and create their own customized shampoos, conditioners, aromas and body moisturizers at the personal blends bar.

While browsing, they can enjoy a cup of Aveda's comforting tea, a caffeine-free blend of licorice plant roots and peppermint leaves. Experience a service at life SalonSpa and receive a complimentary stress-relieving treatment, an aromatic steam towel, hand massage, hand treatment or a cosmetic touch-up using Aveda's pure, plant-based products for hair, skin, body, pure-fume aromas and make-up.

Let our urban retreat provide you with refuge from the chaos of the world. At Life SalonSpa guests will enjoy the following with their services:
  • Sensory Experiences

--- Stress-relieving treatment/Aromatic steam towel
--- Hand therapy massage/treatment
--- Make-up touch-up
--- Sensory journey

  • Internationally trained hair artists, spa therapists and registered massage therapists
    Appointment confirmation service
    Aveda comforting tea or infused spring water
    Pre-reservation service
    Online booking

Broadened Horizons
At Life SalonSpa, technical training occurs from Aveda’s global network of educators in Halifax and Aveda Institutes and Education Centers internationally. These programs offer advanced professional and interactive training. Life SalonSpa has four artistry levels to choose from.

Hair Services

Refreshing Outlook

Life SalonSpa looks ahead – Fashion and textile seasonal trends forge a landscape for the evolution of Aveda hair and make-up.

Aveda education takes place in Halifax, and Aveda Institutes (Minneapolis, NYC and London, England) offering advanced professional, interactive training from Aveda's global network of educators.

Life SalonSpa has eight artistry levels

Make-Up Services

Inspire diversity and individuality

Inspire diversity and individuality while using environmentally responsible products, uniting outward appearance with an inner beauty.

Expand your world of colour. Earth-inspired shades infused with therapeutic plant derived ingredients.

Customized colours are recommended and applied by our trained Aveda make-up artists, advisors, and estheticians.

Spa Services

Renews your sense of well-being

Stress and daily environmental aggressors can trigger imbalances such as acne, sensitivity, premature aging and pain in the body. Aveda’s holistic spa philosophy, Elemental Nature, is based on five elements found in nature – Infinity, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

Your Spa Therapist will use a high-touch approach, personalize a treatment and create at home self-care rituals.

Massage Therapy

stress relief
Take a holistic approach to health and well-being. Bring your body into balance by relieving sore muscles and tension, eliminating toxins, and stimulating circulation. Our Aveda trained Spa Therapists and Registered Massage Therapists will customize your treatment.

Massage Therapy includes Elemental Nature Massage,Chakra Balancing Massage,Stress Fix Body Massage Reiki Massage,Registered Massage Therapy,Purifying Stone Massage,Side by Side Massage Enhanced with Chromotherapy Soaker Tub etc.