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The art and science of pure flower and plant essences

Hair Care Products

It’s not an accessory, it’s your identity. The way you treat your hair - how you cut it, style it, care for it – helps communicate who you are. And hair care at peace – not at odds – with nature makes a powerful statement about your connection to the world. Plant-sourced cleansers and conditioners, resilient and hold-fast seed and tree resin: all come together – and perform powerfully - for style not only beautiful and original, but pure.

Air Care Products

Aroma may be invisible but our hearts cannot ignore it. Response of body and mind is undeniable. With Aveda aromas, the air we breathe is alive with plant and flower essences – helping us thrive in every environment.

Skin Care Products

Powered by revolutionary plant science. Leaf and root, petal, seed and stem – Earth’s living apothecary contains compounds that help transform and renew skin. Aveda isolates, measures, blends and tests these powerful agents using groundbreaking scientific processes. Reinforcing what the ancients knew with clinical and sensory testing that prove nature’s power. For skin care from the heart of science: nature works.

Body Care Products

Take home the spa experience – transforming your bath or shower. Even your morning shave. Our pure plant Aromaology changes how you look – and feel – with therapeutic essences developed and used at Aveda. The power and abundance of healing places – the Himalayas, the Caribbean – tapped to purify and refresh, bringing skin, body and mood into balance. Aveda knows: nature has answers. Putting you on a path to greater well-being.


Personalized sensory therapy. Plants are chemists by nature, musicians at heart – striking the chords of our deepest emotions with distinctive aroma signatures. The art and science of Aromaology is the pioneering vision – and heart – of Aveda. The aromas are therapeutic, pure and subtle. Form follows function: in every breath a connection to daily balance of body, mind and heart.

Make Up Products

Nature wears it first. Vibrant color – or subtle. Silky, smooth textures. Aromas, as unique as your own chemistry. Before Aveda make-up cares for your cheeks, eyes and lips, it cares for nature. Vegetable and algae anti-oxidants, fruit- and nut-butter conditioners, rainforest pigments, aromatic waxes of flower petals or a mineral talc-substitute: all exceptional ingredients with an everyday impact. Packaging is no exception, now with the highest possible post-consumer content and natural flax resin. Each an expression of respect – for color, for the human spirit and for the Earth.