The Hair Removal System

Who ever thought waxing could be relaxing?

This Hair Removal System includes relaxing waxing rituals to help you through an unkind beauty treatment. You experience a Sensory Journey and choose an aroma most beneficial to you. Your Spa Therapist will have you inhale deeply to begin your calming, and then the area to be waxed will be prepared with pure flower and plant ingredients that cleanse your skin to prepare a smooth surface for waxing.

Ask your Spa Therapist for an ideal time to reserve your next appointment. Waxing services should be kept in a cycle. The first few times you come in for waxing services you may notice hair on the area a week to two weeks after your service. This is not unusual and does not mean that your hair is growing in faster. You have a minimum of 65 hairs in one square inch of skin. Not all of those hairs are on the same growth cycle. Some hairs may be long; some may be just beginning to grow. Additionally, once you have received a wax and your skin is smooth and hair free, any growth of hair will seem more noticeable to you.

The Hair Removal System

Designed to inhibit hair growth, waxing rituals allow for ease and comfort.

Brow Shaping 20min $20 or $25
Lip 10min$13 or $18
Chin 10min $10 or $15
Sides 10min$15 or $20
Neck(front) 10min $30 or $35
Half Arm 20min $30 or $35
Full Arm 30min$40 or $45
Under Arms20min$20 or $25
Half Legs 30min $30 or $35
Full Legs 60min$58 or $61
Abdomen 20min $25 or $30
Chest/Breast 20min $35 or $40
Shoulders 10min $20 or $25
Chest & Shoulders 30min$50 or $60
Back & Chest 60min$75 or $80
Back30min$45 or $50
Bikini 30min$30 or $35
Brazilian 30min $55 or $60

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