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The Massage

Take a holistic approach to health and well-being. Bring your body into balance by relieving sore muscles and tension, eliminating toxins, and stimulating circulation. Our Aveda trained Spa Therapists and Registered Massage Therapists will customize your treatment. Direct billing available when receiving Registered Massage Therapy.

Elemental Nature Massage

A personalized massage experience based on Aveda Elemental Nature philosophy. A variety of therapeutic techniques will be utilized.
30min  $45-75
60min $75-105
90min  $110-140


60min          $75-105

Energy is channeled through the body to balance equilibrium and enhance a state of well-being. This treatment enables the body to naturally heal itself.

Registered Massage Therapy

30min  $65-70
60min $85-90
90min  $125-130

Side by Side Massage

Experience for two. Enjoy personal relaxation and the shared company of a companion.
60min $150-210 per couple
90min  $195-255 per couple

Side by Side Massage Enhanced with Chromotherapy Soaker Tub

Dartmouth Location Only
90min $188-248 per couple
2hrs $233-293 per couple

Mother To Be

60min          $85-115

Relieve physical and emotional stresses unique to expectant mothers. The Aveda Hydrotherm system is ideal during pregnancy. Many women find they connect with their baby on a new level.

Enhance Your Spa Experience

There are a variety of options:

-Beverages:  We have a fine selection of organic wines, cocktails, beer and non-alcoholic wellness beverages.

- Aveda signature gift